Dragon city breeding guide

reeding dragons can be time consuming as every breeding period of time and egg hatching involves time. Most tier 2 varieties involve at the very least 8 several hours or a lot more for breeding and hatching.

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Preferably, you will want to commence finding the tier 3 dragons as soon as attainable. That way, after you have two tier 3 dragons like the gummy or soccer, you can commence aiming for a legendary.

Generation(Tier) 1

These are your basic dragons. There are a complete of 8 factors. They are Terra, Flame, Water, Character, Electric, Ice, Steel and Dim.

The ice, metal and dim will be more difficult to attain thanks to the reality that you will will need to get to a greater stage to create their habitats.

Generation 2

You get tier 2 when you breed two tier 1 from generation 1. For instance, if you breed a nature dragon with an ice dragon, there is a probability you will get either a dandelion or mojito dragon. Tier 2 varieties are required to breed tier 3 dragons.

Generation 3

There are primarily six tier 3 dragons. These tier 3 varieties cannot be breed straight from tier 1 sort. If you consider to breed a flame with ice, it will not make it possible for you. So, what you will have to do is to breed a tier 1 with a tier 2 dragon for the very best chances to get a person of these rare dragons.

To breed a tier 3 sort, use a tier 2 dragon with at the very least a person the identical aspect and breed it with the principal aspect of the tier 1 dragon. For instance, Gummy dragon has the aspect of electric and nature. To have the very best chances of finding it, you will involve:

Star Dragon(Terra + Electric) + Character Dragon

Alternatively, you can also use one more comb such as the Neon (Electric + Dim) and Nenufar (Water + Character). This will acquire a lot more attempts because there are a lot more attainable combos.

Generation 4
These are the rare legendary dragons that you can breed working with tier 3 varieties. It can take a complete of 4 days to get them. That includes 2 days of breeding and 2 days of hatching.

Preferably, you will want to breed the tier 3 various times to get a person of these dragons.

There are a complete of four tier 4 varieties and they are legendary, mirror, crystal and wind. Not only are they effective, they are only weak to their very own type.

Generation 5

To get these, you will will need two tier 4 varieties to breed a person of these. They are just as effective as the tier 4 and you can also breed pure aspect dragons by breeding the pure dragon with a tier 1 dragon.

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